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Professional face painters, Face Fanatics was established in Spring 2008.  Our team consists of experienced well established painters and up and coming artists.  We love to paint and consider ourselves a creative bunch, each with our own particular style and skills.  We are friendly and great with kids.  Many of us work full time with children of different ages and abilities.

Our aim is to bring that extra special something to your party or event, and to create an individual and unique package for your special day.


My name is Coa, I have been a dedicated member of the team since 2012.  In my free time I enjoy going out with friends and online shopping, as well as doing acrylic nails professionally.  People are always laughing at me for embarrassing myself or saying something silly, but I never know what's so funny !

My name is Megan, I have been been painting for Face Fanatics for 3 years now.  I am currently studying at University.  I am a dancer and musician and help the younger children at dancing every week.  I get on so well with them because I'm really just a big kid myself !

Hi I'm Annabelle and I’m probably the longest standing member of the team having been with the company since 2009.  I am Face Fanatic's Queen Elsa.  My only other hobby is up-cycling furniture (is that sad ?) and looking after my dogs !!   Something funny about me, oh dear ! That  has to be my massive phobia of baked... (beans) I say funny !! Everyone else finds it funny, I find it sad that I'm never invited to breakfast :(

I'm Rebecca.  I started painting back in 2008. My favourite time is Halloween when I love to create the scariest, most gruesome faces possible !  I would love to have been a makeup artist for the series Walking Dead.  I also work as a community officer and Airbrush makeup artist for brides and special occasions.  I am blessed to have such a fabulous team and have loved every minute of this company !

My name is Jess, I have been painting for two years but drawing since before I can remember !!!  I am also Face Fanatic’s Moana and Anna.

Hi I'm Chloe - I live in London as I am studying Costume Interpretation at London University of Arts (Wimbledon). Originally I am from Southampton.  I have been painting since 2013.  I love Alice in Wonderland and would like a career in costume design and theatrical make up.

My name is Josie.  I have been facepainting since 2013.  I have a degree in Art and I am a full time Nanny.  I LOVE Marmite !!
I'm Leanne.  I'm a mum to three little monkeys and I have been face painting since 2013.  In my spare time, I love amateur dramatics, dancing, singing and pantomimes !  Not many people know, but I can touch my nose with my tongue !